Trail Conditions in Duluth Improving

30 04 2007

Trails throughout the City of Duluth are drying out.  Reports from Hartley indicate that the Superior Hiking Trail through the park is generally dry.  The Guardrail Trail is also drying out.  Trails around the marsh and east of the marsh are still pretty wet and rutting is likely.

The Superior Hiking Trail through the City is also drying out nicely.

If trail conditions in your corner of the City are still wet and sloppy, please use caution or stay off those trails entirely.  Please add comments to this post to provide updated trail conditions and/or provide better detail on trail conditions in your area.  Thanks!




3 responses

30 04 2007

SHT from M&H Gas Station up to Enger Tower still has a few soggy spots, but is otherwise dry.

Lester Park trails are mostly dry, but there are still substantial wet spots. MTB riders should dismount at those spots on the big trails. The singletrack trails at Lester are still pretty damp – I would avoid them for now.

1 05 2007
Hansi Johnson

Gill Creek is pretty dry in Jay Cooke State Park. The ski trails getting there are a bit wet but the trail itself is dry. The short section (to 210) of the Grand Portage trail is dry as well. The trail used for the Voyaguer 50 is also dry.

8 05 2007

The Marsh and trails on the west side of the marsh in Hartley are still wet and muddy. The marsh crossing is starting to get really chewed up as well. Please avoid this area until it dries out more. Thanks!

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