Creating a Bike Friendly City

4 05 2007

A quote from the article on making Flint, MI a more bike friendly town:

“According to LAB, cities that implement bicycle-friendly strategies see dramatic results. Portland, Oregon had 83 miles of bike trails in 1992, and counted 2,850 bike trips daily at specific crossing points. In 2006, the city had 263 miles of bike trails, and the number of daily bike trips rose to 12,046. The same could happen in Flint, Clarke said.

“Pretty soon, we’ll get to the point you’d have to be crazy not to enjoy cycling.”

Making Flint, MI bike friendly




One response

4 05 2007
Hansi Johnson

I just came home from a week in Minneapolis. I had not ridden on the newly completed greenway that is crossing the city. It is amazing, in areas that were once pretty run down, industrial and ugly there are now gardens, houses are being restored next to the trail, business have begun putting out verandas and of course there are people of all ages riding bikes and walking all over the place. It is a remarkable change. Indeed, living across from the Munger it always amazes me how many different people will hop on a bike and ride.

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