Bike Lanes for Duluth!

11 05 2007

As many of you are painfully aware, Duluth is very lacking when it comes to bike lanes for commuters.  Steep hills aside, Duluth just bikelane2.jpgisn’t a very bicycle friendly city.  DATA wanbikelane1.jpgts to help change that!  Helping to make Duluth more bicycle and commuter friendly is among DATA’s many goals.  The accompanying photos are good examples of the type of bike lanes and routes Duluth needs to make it more bicycle friendly.  With the amount of on street parking in Duluth, getting this done will be a challenge.  Just another challenge that will make what DATA accomplishes all the more rewarding! 

Just what is a bike lane?

Bike Lane:  A lane on the paved area of a road for preferential use by bicycles. It is usually located along the edge of the paved area or between the parking lane and the first motor vehicle travel lane.  It is identified by “Bike Lane” or “Bike Route” guide signing, special lane lines, and other pavement markings.   Bicycles have exclusive use of a bike lane for longitudinal travel, but must share the facility with motor vehicles and pedestrians crossing it. Bike Route:  A street identified as a bicycle facility by “Bike Route” guide signing only.  They differ from  bike lanes in that they have no special lane markings.Bike Path:  A special pathway facility for the exclusive use of bicycles that is separated from motor vehicle facilities by space or a physical barrier. It is identified with “Bike Route” signs and also may have pavement markings.Happy trails!




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