Fitness with a View and Maine Malls

17 05 2007

Paths that lead to fitness:

“Stretching before us for biking, running or walking, a trail has one great advantage over most fitness venues: it comes with a view. It’s both multipurposed and multidimensioned. Besides offering varying fitness and conditioning, its interest level can be towering. Using a trail, to borrow from Ernest Hemingway, is like “a movable feast” — with the participant doing the moving and the feasting. In this growing season, a trail reaffirms life, both in us and in the nature around it.

So get out and use these linear parks. Let them open your bodies to fitness, your eyes to beauty and your minds to the rich culture surrounding the paths. ” – Chuck Oestreich

This sounds a little like our Miller Hill Mall area and scenic Miller Creek

“For example, it’s possible a trail could run along Long Creek toward the Portland International Jetport.  Of course, making such changes takes successful negotiations, willing landowners and, of course, money.  Blake said it will require the same amount of time and effort that went into the 1.5-mile Clark’s Pond trail, and could be years in the making.”

Remember:  Bike to Work Day is tomorrow!




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