Human Powered Trails, Inc!

22 05 2007

Thanks again Hansi for another great link!  I found this gem on your blog. hpttrailsign.jpg

From their website, Human Powered Trails, Inc. “is a growing non-profit organization that has a goal of maintaining and developing sustainable and enviromentally correct trails for the La Crosse, WI region”  Sound familiar?  It’s so great to find other organizations in other cities and regions doing the same thing we’re trying to do here in Duluth.  These organizations working towards hptsign.jpgsimilar goals in other communities lend credence and legitimacy to what we’re trying to do here and evidence that it can and will work.  They provide tangible examples of all of the benefits these trail systems provide.  So, take a minute and check out their very nice website

Also, click on the photo of the large Human Powered Trails sign on the left and open it up to full size.  Look at the map and check out the “Share the Trail” yield signs used on their trails.  These are very well done and essential for any multi-use trail system.

Check out Hansi’s blog here:




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