Duluth Trail Conditions

5 06 2007

muddytrail.jpgTrail conditions in Duluth have deteriorated in areas due to the recent rainfall.  The trail around the marsh in Hartley is still very wet and muddy and is being negatively impacted with significant trail braiding and widening.  Please stay off this section of trail until conditions dry out a little more.  The trails west of the marsh in Hartley are also muddy and seeing some trail braiding and widening where trail users are trying to go around the wet spots.  A few sections of the Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth (trail from Vermillion Rd to Martin Rd parking lot in spots, small spots below Enger Tower) also have wet, muddy spots and are seeing some trail widening where users are trying to go around these spots.  Please use these areas with care and be careful not to go around these muddy spots.  Leave No Trace principles advise users to stay in the middle of the trail even if muddy and wet. muddybiketracks.jpg

 Please post a comment to this message and report current trail conditions from other parts of Duluth as you experience them.  Thanks!




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20 12 2007

very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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