2001 and Beyond

7 06 2007

Back in the late ’90’s, the City of Duluth embarked on a visioning process called 2001 and Beyond which included a vision statement that said, Duluth’s unique physical beauty and diverse cultural environment creates our competitive advantage. Our people will work together, with respect for each other, to ensure that development is consistent with Duluth’s future as an urban wilderness, as a neighborly and safe place to live, and as a place of high-skilled, high-wage employment.”

Recommendation #24 in the Action Items phase of this process stated that, “The City of Duluth will have developed a city-wide trail network by 2000.”  Well, we’ve got a City-wide trail (SHT), but not a city-wide trail network.  We’re a little behind the curve here, but this is certainly a vision that DATA can help make a little clearer with the system of trails we’ve conceptualized (based partially on work done by the City back in 1998 during this process), spanning the City, and connecting our community.  As the now famous line goes, let’s “git ‘er done!”




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