Amity Creek Mountain Bike Trails

10 07 2007

Good article in Sunday’s Duluth News-Tribune about the Amity Creek mountain bike trails.  I’m not sure however, exactly how “stealthy” those trails are.  Many of the trails in the Amity Creek area west of Seven Bridges Road have probably been there for decades – used by walkers, bikers and others.  The article implies a lot of “construction” went into these trails, when I’ll bet, mountain bikers probably used a few existing paths that were already there and created other trails simply by riding there.  Overall a good article though.


The other matter is the status of the land in the area where most of these trails are located.  Much of this land has been sold or is under threat to be sold for housing development.  This is a situation we’ll need to address immediately to ensure that we maintain a good mountain bike trail system in this area and we don’t lose the best sections of trail to development.  This is but one of many trail corridors at risk to being lost to development, a situation DATA will have to be ever vigilant to be aware of.

Here’s a link to the article:§ion=outdoors,outdoor%20news&freebie_check&CFID=42080520&CFTOKEN=15443804&jsessionid=883010ed14a2132a3c63




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