Trails in Truckee, CA

12 07 2007

“I always tell people, if we want to keep the stars shining brighter in Truckee, we have to get people out of their cars,” Fitzpatrick says. “We have to have these trails to improve environmental quality.”

Even the issue of development is tied to trails, as the Town of Truckee partners with the proponents of new subdivisions to create trail connections.bilde.jpgbilde.jpg

The Tahoe City Public Utility District first conducted a survey of trail users in 1994, and updates the information annually, says Cindy Gustafson, the district’s assistant general manager.

“Our trails are our most heavily used recreation facilities: We get over 400,000 users per year, and that continues to grow,” Gustafson says.

And while the trails are considered a recreational facility, the study found not everybody uses them purely for recreation. Seventy percent of those surveyed said they were commuting to work, school, restaurants, shopping, or other recreation areas, while only 30 percent said they were there for recreation alone, Gustafson says.

“So much of the traffic in our community is going to a recreation site, so if we can get more off the road it’s helpful,” she says, emphasizing the overall benefits of trails in the area. “They are very, very important as a quality-of-life issue for residents and visitors, the ability to walk or ride into town is very important.”

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