Hikers Get More Benefits From Outdoor Exercise

23 08 2007

Hikers Get More Benefits From Outdoor Exercise


Reluctant exercisers visualize fitness as hours on a treadmill or lifting weights in an overcrowded gym. But some of the fittest individuals look to the great outdoors for exercise. According to Denise Mitten, contributing editor of the upcoming Hiking and Backpacking (Human Kinetics, September 2007), exercising in nature can help increase and maintain fitness levels and contribute to overall health and well-being.

“Contact with nature is correlated with living longer, and actual biochemical changes occur in response to trees, plants, and animals,” Mitten says. “We experience long-term benefits from improving and maintaining physical fitness through hiking and backpacking, both on the trail and at home.”

Because of minimal special equipment or skills and the ability to modify intensity, hiking allows participants to start at any fitness level. Additionally, hiking burns more calories than walking as hikers move their body weight up and down the trails’ elevations.

When first getting started, Mitten suggests picking a flat trail close to home and work from there.

“Hiking and backpacking are fun ways to burn calories, spend time with other people, and eat well all at the same time,” Mitten adds.

For more information on Hiking and Backpacking contact Human Kinetics at 1-800-747-4457 or visit http://www.HumanKinetics.com.




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