Opportunities to GPS Duluth Trails

31 08 2007


UPDATED – added a couple more locations

There are still lots of areas in Duluth that need to be explored by people armed with GPS units!  DATA would like to record every trail, footpath, and deer scratch, that show evidence of human use in the City of Duluth, with a GPS track.  If you know how to create trackfiles with a GPS and like exploring the city, this is right up your alley.

Some areas that we know need exploring for trails (or, we know there are trails there that need to be GPS’d) are

  • ANY area we haven’t GPS’d yet that includes proposed trail corridors
  • Area between Miller Hill Mall and Haines Rd. (future land sale)
  • Morgan Park area
  • trails behind St. Scholastica DONE
  • East Branch Chester Creek area (north of Arrowhead Rd. mostly)
  • Merritt Creek – Wheeler Park area (below the railroad tracks)DONE
  • Lake Superior College – Miller Creek hill
  • area north of Enger Golf Course (between Arlington Rd. and Orange St.)
  • Tower farm area
  • Rice Lake Rd. area (including area around Chris Jensen Nursing Home)
  • Mt. Royal areaDONE
  • East side of Tischer Creek/Congdon Park to London Rd.DONE
  • area around Northland Country Club mostly DONE

These are just a few areas that still need to be explored.  There are probably many more as well.  We already have good track files for these areas:  Amity Creek/Lester Park area, Hawk Ridge, Downer Park area, Chester Bowl, Coppertop Church area, Coffee Creek valley, Piedmont ski trail area, Point of Rocks area, Keene Creek, East Proctor/Bayview School area, Spirit Mtn area, Gary/New Duluth area, Fond du Lac area (just east of hwy. 210 only).

So, if you know of some good trails in the city that aren’t official, but that have been used by people over the years, go out and GPS them and send us the track files.  Thanks!




One response

3 08 2007

I’ve GPS’d the Mt. Royal area from Woodland Avenue (Woodland Middle School) through the woods between Mt. Royal shopping center and 8th St. Lots of trails in this beautiful woods full of White Pine. Some newly built ski trails by school district. This is a good connection between UMD and Hunters Park neighborhoods.

Also GPS’d trails on east side of Tischer Creek in Congdon Park. More trails than I thought in here. Some good connections! Also found trails along creek all the way down to London Road! Found some old rock work and some steps indicating old trails or cartways along this creek just above London Road. Getting this trail refurbished and connected to London Road and the Lakewalk extension should be a priority. Some beautiful hidden falls as well.

Trails are now entered into our database and map.

Please let me know if you can GPS any of the identified trails or other trails that you know of. This is a very important project. Post comments from your GPS adventure here!

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