A 300 Mile Cross-Country Ski Trail in Vermont

4 12 2007

catamountmap.jpgWow!  Check out this article about the Catamount Trail in Vermont – a 300 mile cross-country ski trail from Massachussetts to Canada.


“‘It’s quite an accomplishment,” said Jim Fredericks, executive director of the Catamount Trail Association. It took “a lot of very hard work by a lot of people to make it happen.’catamount.jpg

The trail, which starts on the Massachusetts border in Readsboro, runs through the Green Mountains traversing a variety of terrain, from the groomed trails of cross- country ski centers to remote mountain passes. The trail ends at the Canadian border, in North Troy, Vt., near Highwater, Quebec.”

But Fredericks acknowledges there’s a lot of work to do before the entire trail is secure.

Getting easements for the roughly 150 miles of trail that cross private land and moving the trail off snowmobile routes for the safety of skiers are two big challenges.  catamountmap.jpg

It’s the private property we have the most problems with,” Fredericks said, explaining that if a section of privately held land is sold and the trail association has no easement, they might have to reroute the trail. “




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