Duluth Bicycle Commuters: Help Needed!

12 12 2007

All of you hardcore bicycle commuters in Duluth or elsewhere (even softcore commuters can participate), your help is needed to answer a few questions (4 actually) about bicycle commuting in winter.  Jeff C. of Biking Duluth Blog fame has these questions to ask you.   He also asks that you pass this information along to any bicycle commuters that you know:

The help I need:
I would like each of you who are still riding to do three things.

1) Answer these 4 questions
Where do you live (City / State)
Why do you ride (environmental, exercises, etc…)
Do you feel less safe in winter and if so, how much (percentage will do)
What do you feel is the biggest danger riding in the winter (bad drivers, worse conditions, etc)

2) Pass this post to everyone you know who is still biking and ask them to comment answering the above three questions.

Post your answers to these questions on Jeff’s Blog.  Just click on comments under the Wednesday, December 5, 2007 entry to leave your answers to these questions.  For more information and to answer these questions, please visit Jeff’s blog at:





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