Redesigning our Towns as Gyms

20 02 2008

“Stairs for cardio training. Wider footpaths instead of treadmills. To fight obesity, the towns we live in are being redesigned so we exercise without noticing.”

“Our forebears didn’t need advice to exercise for 20 minutes a day, five times a week. Physical activity was part of everyday life – walking to work, wringing mangles and promenading in the park on Sundays._44437457_kensington203cabe.jpg

The powers-that-be eye the nation’s thickening girth with anxiety. The more people who are overweight, the higher the future cost to the NHS of treating associated ills such as diabetes and heart disease.

Health experts and urban planners are now working out ways to make us more active – not with (often ignored) exhortations to exercise, but while going about our daily lives. How?”

Read the full article here:




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