Bike-Walk Duluth Committee in High Gear!

27 03 2008

The Bike-Walk Duluth committee, DATA’s committee geared to improve bicycle and pedestrian transportation in the Duluth area, got off to a great start at its first strategic planning session. Session 1 of the planning process determined Values, Themes and Goals.vancouver03-05_0117.jpg

Six themes and goals were identified during the initial meeting:

Theme #1: Built environment and infrastructure

Goal: It’s safe and easy to ride a bike or walk anywhere in Duluth

Theme #2: Value-added attributes

Goal: Preserve and enhance scenic and natural cycling and walking routes

Theme#3: Bicycle support resources

Goal: Support, promote, and patronize local cycling and walking related businesses

Theme#4: Secure bicycle parking

Goal: Ample bicycle parking wherever it is needed

Theme #5: Health, wellness and community

Goal: Duluth is the most active and healthy city in the nation

Theme #6: Active transportation

Goal: Cycling and walking are the “first choice” modes of transportation for Duluth residents

The Bike-Walk Duluth Committee with follow with sessions addressing indicators, systems analysis, and measurements and actions. Final analysis and results of the 4-part comprehensive strategic planning process will be presented to DATA’s board of directors in early May and to all DATA members and the public shortly thereafter. Stay tuned!




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