Everyone Wants to Be Portland!

9 04 2008

Portland, OR is known as the most livable city in the United States.  Why is this the case?  First and foremost, they are one of the most bicycle and pedestrian friendly cities in the nation.  This video (a little longer than the others at 30 minutes but just as worthy to watch) explains many of the bicycle and pedestrian friendly amenities that make Portland such a great place to live.  Heck, Duluth is a port too right?  So, let’s create the Port “land” of the North!  Click on the link to view the entire video.  Check out the video below to see a segment from the video.  Check it out:





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9 04 2008

I’m happy to see this video posted here! I was born and raised in Duluth, and lived in Portland for five years. There are some relevant cultural similarities between the two places, among them being love of the outdoors and a desire for down-to-earth, common-sensical, creative alternatives. Duluthians and Portlanders think outside of the box, so go Duluth!

10 04 2008

Thanks for featuring our videos! If you ever need copies on DVD for a meeting or community showing, please let us know. We provide up to three DVDs for free.

12 04 2008


That’s great to hear! I sort of suspected there were similarities between Portland and Duluth, and it’s nice to hear that’s true.


Thanks so much for the wonderful videos! We could probably post one of your videos every day! They’re great! Looking forward to checking out what you produce in the future.

13 04 2008
Greg Raisman

Just out of curiosity, what effort do you think was most likely to be applicable in Duluth?

Greg Raisman
Community and School Traffic Safety Partnership
Portland Office of Transportation

14 04 2008

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the message! We think many of the efforts are applicable to Duluth. That being said, like many U.S. cities, Duluth is in a major budget crisis. There just aren’t any dollars to do anything. While many would consider Duluth a fairly progressive city, when it comes to implementing progressive ideas we really don’t do much. Is it because we just don’t have any money to implement any of these ideas? Like many have said, Duluth can’t pigeonhole itself because we may not currently have the manpower or dollars to implement anything. It will take political courage to make many of these efforts a reality, but with WILLpower, we can accomplish much.

With this in mind, the bicycle boulevards may be most applicable to Duluth’s situation. Even having separated bicycle lanes would be a major leap forward. Currently in Duluth, we have NO bicycle lanes! In our current situation, it seems to make sense to pluck the lowhanging fruit first and then move onto other more expensive and labor intensive efforts like diagnal diverters and other traffic calming measures later.

14 04 2008
Greg Raisman

Here’s something that the community could do that’s virtually free.


14 04 2008


Thanks again for the post and the link! We’ve actually discussed this idea as part of our Bike-Walk Duluth strategic planning process we’re working on right now. It would be a great way to get more people out on their bikes, provide networking and exposure for bicyclists and walkers. Do you ever have any trouble with motorists or others wanting a free donut or breakfast and getting mad if they don’t get it? Just a thought…:-)

14 04 2008
Greg Raisman

They’re all held on bicycle and pedestrian pathways. So, there isn’t really the issue. If a motorist wanted to stop to talk about bicycles and walking, that would be great.

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