Endion Land Use and Transportation Plan

24 04 2008

The Endion Land Use and Transportation Plan is now available for viewing.  The plan recommends creating a network of marked bicycle lanes and routes.  Bicycle lanes are also recommended for London Road.  From the plan: 

“General Recommendation A:

Create a Network of Marked Bicycle Lanes and Routes
Bicycle lanes could be incorporated into the redesign of London Road between10th and 26th  Avenue East, but connections into the East Hillside would be necessary to create a system of bicycle lanes and routes. Therefore, it is recommended that such a network be established as streets and avenues are converted to two-way traffic within the study area of this plan; consider 12th  and 14th Avenue East; 1st, 2nd and 3rd  St in forming the backbone of that network of bicycle lanes. Stripe and mark bicycle lanes 5-6 feet in width, and create a network of safe bicycle routes that head into and out of downtown, establishing viable commuter routes for bicyclists. Include bicycle considerations when undertaking any changes to the transportation network within this study area.”
Our job now is to ensure that the bicycle and pedestrian recomendations become reality.  Reviewing the plan and making recommendations for improvement and making sure that the routes are interconnected will be critical.  View the full plan here:




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