Making Better Use of Existing Space – The 9th Ave. Separated Bike Lane

7 05 2008

For the time being, it will be imperative for us to make better use of the existing space we have when considering improvements to our bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.  While it will be essential that we also advocate for new bike and pedestrian paths and bike lanes and ensure that bike and pedestrian facilities are always a part of street rebuilding plans, for now, making better use of the space we have will be crucial.

This short video details something that can be done fairly easily to retrofit our existing streets and transportation routes.  Please take a moment to view this short video.  It also has some fun music to go along with it.  Enjoy!




2 responses

8 05 2008

Thinking outside the box. Excellent, easy, positive!

23 05 2008

What about Grand Ave (west of about 30th Ave to Spirit Valley), for this experiment. It has massive shoulders already – at least 5 feet wide.

Piedmont Ave/Hwy 53/Trinity Rd also has very wide shoulders (6 feet on Piedmont if I remember correctly). Issues there may be the poorer sight lines and highway speeds that are attained.

Gotta love a road designed for 30 mph traffic (and sold to the community that way) being bumped up to 40 mph (posted) and in reality hosting traffice at 50+ mph. Talk about a barrier to pedestrians!

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