Trail Conditions in Duluth Area Poor

14 06 2008

Trail conditions in Duluth have deteriorated with all of the recent rain and are now very wet and muddy in many places.  Mountain bike trails in Hartley have many mudholes and should be avoided.  The Guardrail Trail has dry stretches but many muddy spots and rutting from mountain bike tires is occurring.  The Root Canal is very muddy and is living up to its name with water flowing down the trail (like a canal).  The Superior Hiking Trail in Hartley for hikers is generally in pretty good condition.  However, other locations on the Superior Hiking Trail through Duluth are very wet and muddy.  Please use these trails with care.  Avoid if too wet.

If you know of any other trails in poor condition or trails that are in good shape right now in the Duluth area, please leave your comments.




2 responses

14 06 2008
Jeff C.

Thanks for the info- I’d like to know if anyone has been on the trials on spirit mt in the last few days. Planning on going maybe this week if the weather holds out.

16 06 2008

Ran the SHT through that area Saturday (14th). Depending on which trail you are interested in, they were muddy, muddy, muddy, or in pretty good shape.

The bad spots are where it is always bad – the section between Magney-Snively and the base of Spirit.

Hope this helps.

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