Bicycle Commuting in Duluth – Dangerous?

8 07 2008

This is an interesting thread from Perfect Duluth Day.  It’s a very interesting discussion about the dangers of bicycle commuting in Duluth, many of the safety issues bicyclists and pedestrians deal with and the dynamic between bicyclists and drivers.  Check it out here:




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8 07 2008

That was quite the interesting debate. I think riding a bike with traffic is dangerous regardless of where you are, but you have to try to stack the odds in your favor.
Did you all hear of the two people hit by cars a few weeks ago (like 2 or so). I believe both on Superior St. The police report I read didn’t have any mention of how it happened, how the cyclist faired and if helmets were worn or not. I believe both were younger kids, perhaps teens.
I’ll continue stacking the odds the best I can- visible clothing, predictable movements, hand signals, following traffic laws, helmet, and above all else, my brain…

9 07 2008

Jeff – yes, I heard about those bicyclists that were hit but didn’t see a thing in the newspaper and could find it during a google search. It seems like that should have been front page news – it should have been.

I agree that we need to stack the odds in our favor, and there are a lot of things we can do, that aren’t being done now in Duluth, to help make those odds more favorable – seperated bike lanes, street calming measures, improving intersections, etc. DATA can help make some of these positive changes that need to be done.

10 07 2008

FYI- a tip for commuters, pick up a Planet Bike Super Flash. My co-worker drives the same road I ride and, even in the light, says that’s easily the first thing that gets his attention. These are GREAT little lights- I highly recommend them

Light is here ->

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