Creating Heart Healthy Communities

17 07 2008

From the article:

“Hylton termed set-ups like these ‘‘heart-healthy communities” because they encourage residents to exercise as they move around. Pedestrian-friendly towns can help fight obesity and heart disease.”

“Lower air pollution would also reduce illness and help mitigate the severe weather believed to be associated with global climate change, which he said was ‘‘an issue we have to face.”

“While his vision is undoubtedly idealistic, he insists it is also practical — in fact, more practical than the current dependence on cars and the sprawling development patterns that go with it. Traveling on foot or by bicycle is far more efficient, in terms of space, than driving cars, because far more people or bicycles than cars can travel in limited space at the same time. These forms of transit don’t require a ‘‘sea of asphalt” for storage, either — Hylton estimated that five or six parking spaces exist in America for each car.”

Full article here:




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