New Trails in Duluth Progressing

13 08 2008

Two new trails in Duluth are progressing nicely.  The Lakewalk extension to 36th Avenue East is now complete and will provide a critical link to recreationists and commuters.

In West Duluth, the Piedmont mountain bike trails are shaping up.  Much work still needs to be done, but the trails are shaping up and several segments are currently ready to ride.  These two trails represent the full spectrum of developed trails in Duluth from the wide, extensively developed with contracted construction companies and paved Lakewalk extension to the 18 inch wide, minimally developed with hand tools and volunteer labor, natural surface dirt path for human powered recreation in Piedmont.  Both trails serve their intended purpose and are essential to the development of human powered recreation opportunities and connections in Duluth.  Take some time to get out and check out both of these newly developed trails in Duluth.




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13 08 2008
Jeff C.

I commute on the lakewalk daily but keep forgetting it’s open. This will provide a GREAT way to stay off a significant portion of London road with no shoulder! I’ll be sure to ride this tomorrow! Too bad it didn’t go all the way to 40th yet. That would be a huge help!

14 08 2008

The plan is to take it to 46th next year. That will be nice!

16 07 2009
Lynn Wilder

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Lynn Wilder

16 11 2010
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