How the Quality and Quantity of a Connected Bikeway Network Correlates to Increasing Bicycle Use

20 08 2008

Increasing the number of people using trails and bikeways in Duluth is one of the primary goals of our organization.  Research suggests that having trails accessible to people and a safe, developed bikeway system will increase use.  Below is a study that supports this notion.  From the study:

“Data collected by Portland demonstrates a strong correlation between a connected, bikeway system constructed to the highest standards, and increases in bicycle use. The authors believe that the City’s investments in specific facility improvements to its downtown Willamette River bridges, as well as to key bridge access routes and connections, have been the primary impetus behind increasing bicycle use.”

Full Report here:






2 responses

20 08 2008

Didn’t really read this yet- but have a quick comment. I took the lakewalk extension home the other day- home being east from downtown- and I could hardly get back onto london road from 36th. I sat there for a good few minutes, traffic in the evening rush hour is crazy on that road. It’s really nice for the ride in though, but I’ll probably keep to the london road for the way home. So- I can easily see how more people would use the lakewalk heading east end if they could “end up” somewhere. The sign literally says “bike route ends” or something like that. No direction where to go or anything. The bike route should at least point up the hill towards superior st. A bit of a climb for a novice I would think- but at least it’s some direction.

20 08 2008


Good comment. I’ve tried turning onto London Rd as well when it’s busy and it isn’t easy. It will be nice when they complete the trail to the east. They should be extending it to 46th east next year. Some directional signs would be helpful though.

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