Contra Flow Bike Lanes in Boulder, CO

7 11 2008

Check out the video and read the comments regarding contra flow bike lanes in Boulder, Colorado.

When you can increase safety for bicyclists, you’ll have more bicyclists out commuting and using their bikes to get places.  These types of amenities are needed to create a safer bicycling environment here in Duluth.  Check it out!




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7 11 2008

The more I think about it the smaller Duluth seemse to be, we don’t have anywhere like that (that- meaning a nice city center type area as shown in the video) to go. I just don’t see how / where duluth could put anything that nice for cyclists . Duluth’s layout in general is a huge problem and limits the use of bicycles.

I’m all for increasing safety by using bike lanes, boxes, etc… but I wish Duluth was more of a major metro like Boulder, but then again, it wouldn’t be a smaller town like it is. I stand corrected, I just looked up the pop for boulder, 91, 685 in 2006 and duluth 86,918. That’s not all that much bigger, but if you look at the density you’ll see a difference. Duluth: 1,278.1/sq mi , Boulder: 3,884.1/sq mi . There’s a major difference and a large problem for groupd like DATA. The city design is as it is, we can’t move builds downtown or flatten out that big hill over here, so what CAN we do? That’s the question.

No, I didn’t consider tourists in the pop numbers, just the actual population figures.

21 11 2008

Hey Jeff, unfortunately I think you’re right. Duluth presents a unique challenge from a geographic and infrastructure standpoint that we’ll need to always understand and come up with unique solutions to get where we want to go. I think we can do it, but it won’t be easy. But, just as anything in life, if it were too easy it probably wouldn’t be worth doing. We’ll just need to roll up our sleeves, work with what we’ve got and do the best job we can. I think it’s instructive and inspiring to look at what other communities are doing and what can be done.

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