Skyline Trail Moving Forward

4 09 2009

DATA members have identified the public route for the critical Skyline Trail corridor which would connect the Superior Hiking Trail on the ridgeline above Duluth and also provide a critical crosstown link for mountain bikers.  The multiple use Skyline Trail is also important for connecting the populous central downtown part of Duluth to an off-street trail.  This trail will be a critical connection for residents and visitors alike.  Without this corridor, East and West Duluth would remain dissected and the Central part of our city would not have a trail connection to the East or West.Skyline Trail

Scouting missions and GIS mapping have identified a feasible route that crosses primarily public lands.  The image to the left shows the various routes that have been scouted and tracked with GPS technology.  The next step in this process will include flagging the route and contacting landowners about trail authorizations and easements.

If you’d like to help with this project with labor or monetary contributions, please contact DATA.  Dollars will be needed for trail development, signage and trail mapping.




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