About Our Logo

The Duluth Area Trails Alliance logo is intended to convey the fundamental aspects of our organization.data-logo-2-3-28-08small.jpg

The multi-colored teardrop symbol is a design which signifies “sustainability.” The Duluth Area Trails Alliance was founded upon the principles of sustainability – sustainable modes of transportation, sustainably designed and developed trails, and promoting activities which support a sustainable environment and community.

The figures on the logo represent human powered transportation and trail use. The Duluth Area Trails Alliance advocates for and promotes human powered transportation and trail use – hiking, walking, running, skating; mountain bicycling, road bicycling, unicycling, bicycle commuting; cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating. The figures are not intended to single out or exclude a particular human powered activity, but are universal symbols intended to signify different forms of human powered transportation and shared use human powered trails and routes.

This logo will provide a distinctive, easily recognizable symbol for shared use, sustainable, human powered transportation and trails in the Duluth Area. It will be easily recognizable on trail signs and posts and other locations where a symbol is needed.


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16 06 2008
Dwight Morrison

Does this – “human powered transportation and trail use” – leave out our
Wheels On Trails Organization 1) powered wheelchairs and 2) electric carts ?
There are some people with disabilities that can not use “human powered” because of physical limitations. Think about it ! They still want to be out on the Trails and Beaches, and in the Parks (that is what the latest ADA RULE MAKING for Outside Areas is all about ! Inclusive language is part of making Trails Accessible and is important !
Dwight Morrison, Co-chair
Wheels On Trails Organization
424 West Superior St., Suite 201
Duluth, Mn 55802

13 08 2008

Where can I access a map of the Piedmont bike trails? Thanks.

14 08 2008


COGGS might have a map of the trails. There are also maps of the trails actually out on the trails now at some of the trail junctions. By the way, I ran all the trails on foot and they were a blast to run! Check ’em out!

14 08 2008

Here’s the link to the COGGS site http://www.coggs.com/

They do have a map for the Piedmont trails on there. Just click on Trail Information and you’ll find it.

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