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12 responses

16 05 2007

Hi – I live adjacent to Hartley and as a guy who has raced a lot I see and know the importance of cycling in Duluth, as a huge opportunity and not as a problem. So – I want to get involved with your organization.
Some other organizations/sites:,,, morc, moca,, etc. And thanks for mentioning the economic benefits once this is underway.
So, like Hansi said, ‘I am so in’.
340.0470 cell

16 05 2007

So happy to have you aboard! Just the energy and attitude that will work to get things done here in Duluth! Shoot me your e-mail sometime, and I’ll be sure to get you on our e-mail list for upcoming meetings and information. DATA definitely wants to be inclusive of all non-motorized trail users here in Duluth from whatever group or “faction” they come from. Working together, we will accomplish a lot! Thanks again!

30 05 2007

I’d like to recieve updates. Thanks

18 06 2007

Hello! I live in the Lakeside area and would like to help establish MTB trails in the Lester area. Let me know what I can do. – Matt

25 10 2007


who’s building new trail in the Piedmont area?

I wa out for a run on the snowmobile trail heading out of the Piedmont Ski Trail parking lot and came upon not only a bunch of flagging (been there since this spring/summer) but also new trail. Didn’t do too much exploring to see where it went, but am curious about it. Is this new MTB trail?

2 11 2007
Steve Boberg

There is a new trail being built at the east end of Hawk Ridge. It’s great to see this being built because I had once envisioned such a trail on prior Hawk Ridge hike. Before this was built there was only a very steep access trail up to the top of the ridge and it was very prone to erosion. Now there are rock steps in place, but it isn’t finished. Does anyone know about this new section of trail? I’ve come across a few other newer sections of trail at Hawk Ridge.

What really would be nice was if there was a trail from east to west along the entire stretch of Hawk Ridge.

2 11 2007
Steve Boberg

Are there any up coming DATA meetings?

11 01 2008
Mark Poirier


What would it take to get designated bike lanes striped on the roads in town?

I’m an occational bike commuter that might use my bike more if I knew (and the cars knew) where the bike lanes were.


13 01 2008

Hi Mark,

That’s what our Alt. Transportation and Bicycle Commuting committee will be working on. We’re going to find out what it takes, and then we’re going to get it done. Thanks for the message!

18 02 2008

I am so glad to see that the duluth bike community seems to be getting some cohesiveness about it. I have lived in duluth for years but have become a cycling nut only in the last 3-4 years. I own both road and mountain bikes. just built a new single speed from a 70’s vintage 10 speed and it is sweet!

wondering if anyone has thought about trying to help folks new to bike commuting find and navigate safe routes from their homes to their jobs. If we help them transition safely from the car to the bike then we take another car off the road?

10 05 2009
Judy Gibbs

getting back to folks about the new trail at hawk ridge. I put that it with the assistance of dedicated trail volunteers as well as quite a few UMD students. The old scramble up the hillside was really destroying it, so we planned it and built it with city folks and hawk ridge folks. it was completed almost two years ago now.

17 09 2009
Steve S.


I noticed more activity this week in the wooded area west of Seven Bridges Rd. and north of the Lester Park subdivision – people putting up more orange ribbons and flags. Does that have anything to do with the rumor I heard that the city gave away that area for development? Besides being heavily used as long as anyone can remember for hiking, biking, and running, it is a significant refuge for an incredible number of bird and other species.

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