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Here’s Your Chance to Join DATA – and Make a Difference!

Support the Duluth Area Trails Alliance’s mission to advocate for, promote, develop and maintain sustainable trails and trail connections in Duluth and the Lake Superior Region. We’re working hard to conserve green corridors in the Duluth area that will help us make connections with our neighbors and make going for a hike or bike ride as simple as walking out your backdoor. We’re also working to make the Duluth area a much more friendly place for bicyclists and pedestrians and providing healthy recreational opportunities year round.

Where does your financial support go?

▸ Trail construction and trail maintenance including the materials and tools required to build and maintain trails and provide support for volunteer efforts
▸ Trail, bicycle and pedestrian planning and planning documents, and cultivating grass roots support for human powered transportation
▸ Signs, maps, brochures and other informational materials including websites and other electronically generated information
▸ Helping DATA maintain a political presence and stay on top of local planning initiatives and projects and influencing local decisions and policy to ensure the future of trails, green corridors and bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the Duluth area
▸ Administrative costs of operating the organization

You’ll Receive:

▸ Updates on all new trail openings, group activities, organization meetings, and special events
▸ Periodic electronic newsletters and information
▸ New trails and better human powered transportation routes for recreating, commuting, and getting around town
▸ A good feeling that you have done something good for yourself and our community
▸ The knowledge that you are helping to provide positive, healthful, and active outdoor exercise and activities for area citizens and youth
▸ A membership card entitling you to discounts at local retailers.
▸ A Duluth Area Trails Alliance window cling that you can show off to your friends and the world!

Yes, Sign Me Up Online!

The Duluth Area Trails Alliance is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to human powered trails and transportation in the Duluth area, and your donations and membership fees are 100% tax deductible.

Supporting Businesses:

Duluth Area Trails Alliance members can enjoy discounts on select regularly priced items at the following area businesses:


16 responses

15 04 2007
Hansi Johnson

I am so in.

16 04 2007
shanna willie

i would love to help soooooo much.

18 04 2007

Thanks for logging on! We would love to have you! I will be sure to add you both to our e-mail list and keep you updated with what we’re doing. Thanks for checking in!

18 04 2007
Steve Boberg

I showed up at Gander Mt tues. evening and then I was informed that the meeting place had moved to Chester Creek Cafe. I wasn’t able to make it in time to Chester Creek Cafe. Hopefully it was a productive meeting. I’ll try and attend the next meeting.

18 04 2007


Really sorry about the confusion at Gander Mountain. It shouldn’t happen again. Thanks for making the effort to get to the meeting anyway. Send me your e-mail address, and I’ll get you on the DATA mailing list if you’d like so you’ll receive all of our mailings. You can also continue checking back here as we’ll post the meeting notes, maps and planning documents on this site as well. Thanks again!

19 04 2007
Steve Boberg

My e-mail is

16 05 2007

Have Pulaski – Will Dig! Count me in in every way possible.

In one word: Finally!!! And Thanks!!

12 07 2007

Consider me involved.

12 07 2007

Thanks for the response Mick! Send me an e-mail with your e-mail address, and we’ll get you on our mailing list. Thanks again!

12 07 2007

didn’t i just do that?

13 07 2007

Yep, Mick I got it! I’m still figuring out how this blog works. I can see that your e-mail is there when you leave a comment. Thanks again!

17 08 2007
nate heydt

sign me up.

23 08 2007

I’m interested in possibly attending the next meeting. I wrote my column for the Budgeteer this week, and the editor told me about y’all so I have to tweak things a bit. I’m not aware of how active you have been in the area of transportation and commuting so I’m sorry that I’m missing an opportunity to really plug your mission.

11 09 2007

It would be nice if you include the year when you post dates on your web site.

29 04 2008
Will Munger

It would be nice if we had a promotional piece describing DATA. For the last few Fridays I have been tagging along with a hiking group with the University for Seniors. Members of this group have been very impressed with the number and quality of remote trails we have out here in Western Duluth. It would be nice if we had a piece that we could hand out to people like this to get them more involved in DATA.

Will Munger

2 05 2008

Hi Will,

I agree. What we’d like to do is develop a small membership brochure which would detail information about DATA with information about how to get involved. We’re working on it, hopefully we’ll have something for you soon. Thanks!

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