Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning in Eugene

22 11 2008

Eugene, OR is embarking on a strategic planning process to rewrite their existing Bicycle and Pedestrian plan using similar planning strategy to that conducted by our own Bike/Walk Duluth group. DATA is hoping to incorporate our Bike/Walk strategy into a comprehensive plan for Duluth as well. See an excerpt of the article here:

“Multiple poster boards were set up to give the public a clearer view of possible solutions to bike and pedestrian safety and efficiency issues throughout Eugene. Suggestions such as colored bike lanes would make cyclists easier to see but would be an expensive addition due to their high upkeep costs in rainy Eugene. “Bicycle Boxes” are an innovative new plan, and would extend a bike lane to cross in front of traffic, similar to a crosswalk, in order to make bike traffic more visible. Other recommendations include adding more right of way signs, or developing bike lanes that are physically detached from the rest of the road ways.”

Full article:


Greenway Planning in NC

21 11 2008

Click on the following link to see how Lexington, NC is planning greenways in their community.

Bike vs. Car vs. Transit – who wins???

10 11 2008

Contra Flow Bike Lanes in Boulder, CO

7 11 2008

Check out the video and read the comments regarding contra flow bike lanes in Boulder, Colorado.

When you can increase safety for bicyclists, you’ll have more bicyclists out commuting and using their bikes to get places.  These types of amenities are needed to create a safer bicycling environment here in Duluth.  Check it out!

A Future Without Cars

6 11 2008

Interesting blog discussing a conference in LA about a future without cars.  The StreetFilms site is also a great site to explore.

Bicyclist Safety in Duluth

1 10 2008

If you missed the report from the Northland Newscenter on bicyclists in Duluth, check it out here:

Starring our own Susan Koschak and Dudley Edmondson.  Be sure to watch the video.

Duluth’s Lakewalk extension rolls along

21 08 2008

Good article in today’s Duluth News-Tribune about the Lakewalk extension. 

“Earlier this month, the city opened an already popular extension between 26th and 36th avenues east. Within weeks, the city will solicit bids for an extension between 36th and 47th avenues east.”

“The city plans to seek bids shortly on the next Lakewalk extension — a 10-foot-wide paved trail that will extend the path to 47th Avenue East — and hopes to begin utility work and trail-clearing this fall. The trail will cross city, school district and scenic railroad property. Pedersen expects the extension to cost between $550,000 and $650,000. “

“The city hopes to finish the Lakewalk by about 2013, Hamre said. In addition, the city is still exploring how to tie together the Lakewalk, Western Waterfront and Munger trails.”

Full article click here