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DATA’s first volunteer opportunuties!

Opportunities to GPS Duluth Trails


UPDATED – added a couple more locations

There are still lots of areas in Duluth that need to be explored by people armed with GPS units!  DATA would like to record every trail, footpath, and deer scratch, that show evidence of human use in the City of Duluth, with a GPS track.  If you know how to create trackfiles with a GPS and like exploring the city, this is right up your alley.

Some areas that we know need exploring for trails (or, we know there are trails there that need to be GPS’d) are

  • ANY area we haven’t GPS’d yet that includes proposed trail corridors
  • Area between Miller Hill Mall and Haines Rd. (future land sale)
  • Morgan Park area
  • trails behind St. Scholastica DONE
  • East Branch Chester Creek area (north of Arrowhead Rd. mostly)
  • Merritt Creek – Wheeler Park area (below the railroad tracks)DONE
  • Lake Superior College – Miller Creek hill
  • area north of Enger Golf Course (between Arlington Rd. and Orange St.)
  • Tower farm area
  • Rice Lake Rd. area (including area around Chris Jensen Nursing Home)
  • Mt. Royal areaDONE
  • East side of Tischer Creek/Congdon Park to London Rd.DONE
  • area around Northland Country Club mostly DONE

These are just a few areas that still need to be explored.  There are probably many more as well.  We already have good track files for these areas:  Amity Creek/Lester Park area, Hawk Ridge, Downer Park area, Chester Bowl, Coppertop Church area, Coffee Creek valley, Piedmont ski trail area, Point of Rocks area, Keene Creek, East Proctor/Bayview School area, Spirit Mtn area, Gary/New Duluth area, Fond du Lac area (just east of hwy. 210 only).

So, if you know of some good trails in the city that aren’t official, but that have been used by people over the years, go out and GPS them and send us the track files.  Thanks!

Join a committee and help DATA move forward!

Listed below are several new committees that DATA is forming to help with organizational planning.  We’re inviting everyone to volunteer for one or more committees.  This will be the first of many opportunities to volunteer your time, talent and expertise to help create a grand and unprecedented trail network in the Duluth area.  The five DATA committees are currently:

  • Trail Planning and Authorization Committee – This committee is basically the one that has been meeting for the last several months identifying and prioritizing the trail corridors in the Duluth area.  This committee will be responsible for trail planning, working with land owners and developing methods for getting trails officially recognized on the ground through trail authorizations, easements or other methods.  This will be a very important committee in the current phase of our organization and ongoing as we begin working with land owners to get our trails authorized on the ground.  So, basically if you’ve been coming to our trail planning meetings and helping with the trail identification and prioritization process, you’re on the Trail Planning Committee!
  • Trail Building, Maintenance and Signing – This committee will be very important once the “pulaski meets the dirt” and we start building our new trail network.  This committee will help coordinate trail building, maintenance and signing, determining construction and maintenance schedules and dealing with signing.  Signing a trail system like we envision will be a very important process.  This committee will help develop sign standards, sign design, sign location and sign maintenance.  At this time, this committee won’t be very busy, but will hopefully be soon.
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Committee – This committee will be resposible for developing plans to make Duluth a more bike and commuter friendly community.  Working with local units of government, helping plan bike lanes and routes, developing a plan for signing, getting the word out to the community about commuting and alternative transportation, helping to develop and maintain bicycle lanes, and ensuring that bike routes are apparent to motorists and bicyclists will be some of this committee’s responsibilities.
  • Membership and Volunteer Recruitment Committee – This committee will help to develop our membership base, determine membership levels and fees and help recruit new members and eventually new volunteers to help with trail building and other organizational task.  This committee will also help coordinate volunteers for various tasks, primarily for trail building and maintenance.  Volunteer orientation and training will also be a component of this committee.  This committee is needed right now to help develop our membership base and work on determining membership levels and fees.
  • Public Relations, Special Events and Health Awareness Committee – This committee will help with public relations and marketing – developing brochures and other marketing materials, advertising, media relations and other promotional activities.  This committee will also help plan special events and other fundraisers.  The health awareness component will help address how to promote the health aspects of accessible trails and other active events that DATA produces and how to increase the awareness of health in the Duluth area.   Working with local hospitals and other medical institutions to promote the development of programs that will better the health of the citizens of our communities will be another focus of this committee.
  • Fund Raising and Finance Committee – This committee will help develop a fundraising plan for DATA and also assist with fund raising activities like contacting private donors, business donors, developing partnerships with businesses and othe organizations, assisting with fund raisers, and identifying grant opportunities and assisting with grant writing.  This committee will also work with the board Treasurer to help manage DATA’s budget.

So, that’s a list and brief description of the committees.  If you decide to help out with a committee, you won’t have to do everything listed in the description, just find a place where you can use your expertise to help out. 



5 responses

1 07 2007

Hello! I’m interested in establishing a mountain bike network on the west side of lester. The single track is excellent.

5 07 2007
Notes from June 12 Trail Planning Meeting Posted « DATA Dirt!

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11 03 2008
Border Crossing Stats » Volunteer Opportunities DATA Dirt!

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3 04 2008

Matt, I would be interested in helping with the singletrack around Lester, is there a way to get in contact about moving forward with it?

3 04 2008

Hey Joe! Maybe contacting Adam at COGGS would be a good start. I know there was discussion last fall about making those trails official city trails, but I haven’t heard anything lately. It would be really good to get this ball rolling again. Check for Adam’s e-mail address on the COGGS website. There’s a link to COGGS on our sidebar.

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